Sell our products

If you want to sell our products within your own business, our products are available for retail, bulk and zero waste. Write to us at to obtain our catalog.


We can provide you with wholesale prices for many boreal forest ingredients! Write to us at to obtain our catalog.


Vous préparez un événement où vous avez besoin de breuvages chauds, d’infusions glacées ou de cocktails personnalisés pour accueillir vos invités? Nous pouvons vous en fournir à un moindre coût!

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Corporate Gifts

Every year, are you looking for a new idea of thank you gifts to give to your partners? Our quality boreal herbal teas are sure to charm your beneficiaries!

Tasting Session

We love to come and have you taste our unusual infusions made from Labrador tea. It will be a real pleasure for us to work with you and your taste buds!


Are you a school, an institution or an organization and want to finance a project? Do you want to sell a more original product than chocolate or raffle tickets? We offer herbal teas from home!