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Are you a school, an institution or an organization that wants to finance a project? Do you need a more original product than chocolate or raffle tickets? We offer you infusion boxes from here!

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If you want to sell our blends within your company, our products are available for both retail and bulk sales, even for zero waste.


Are you preparing an event where you need hot beverages, ice infusions or custom cocktails to welcome your guests? We can provide you some at a low cost!

Corporate Gifts

Every year, are you looking for a new idea of gift to thank all of your partners? Our boreal herbal teas made with quality ingredients will surely charm your beneficiaries!

Tasting Session

We love to come at your place and make you taste our unusual herbal teas made of labrador tea. It is our pleasure to work with you and your taste buds!

Inter-company Contest

You want to increase the visibility of your company while spoiling your customers? Team up with us for social media contests!

 Credit photo : Papier Peluche


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