2 Blends per Month Subscription




2 Blends per Month

Our monthly PilKi Labrador tea subscription in bulk format simplifies the management of your busy schedule. Without having to do anything, you will automatically receive 2 blends per month chosen at random by our team. It’s an opportunity to keep your attention on your priorities and have more time for yourself! Without even having to think about it, you will receive at your door the unusual riches of Quebec’s terroir at its best. You will discover flavours that you never thought you would taste having both beautiful colours. The 2 blends subscription is an ideal portion if you drink a good quantity of tea / herbal teas each day, it is designed for the followers. You can always give one as a gift to a friend, but you have to give it to yourself before tasting it, otherwise you might want to keep it for yourself!


The ingredients vary according to the blends of the month. For additional information, you can visit the shop or search for it in the Q&A.

Preparation for a cup:

Instruction PilKi


Without theine or caffeine, you can sip these infusions all day long or even before going to bed.


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