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Yarrow is a wild herb widely used in natural medicine all around the world. Its virtues are very versatile, it fights coughs, fever, pain, treats wounds and treats certain kidney diseases. It is one of the favourite plants of women: it reduces menstrual pain! Indeed, it contains an anti-inflammatory agent, is antiseptic and antispasmodic. It is used both internally and externally, fresh or dried. It also promotes digestion, dilates blood vessels, is astringent, tonic and emmenagogue.

What Does Yarrow Taste Like?

This fragrant flower used to flavour beer, today we use chamomile instead to obtain a related taste. Harvested throughout the summer in Quebec meadows, its flavour is soft, herbal and floral. You can eat the fresh young leaves and add them to the salad.


Site: https://pfaf.org

Livre: Leaboeuf, Michel, Arbres et plantes forestières du Québec et des maritimes, Éditions Michel Quintin, 2007, 415p

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