What Do We Use Mugwort For?

Mugwort is used a lot in traditional Chinese medicine to treat all kinds of health problems. Of European origin, artemisia grows widely in North America and is considered an invasive species. It is commonly found in the meadows of Quebec, among other wild herbs. Throughout history, it is particularly recognized to promote the digestive system and to counter menstrual disorders. Also, it is used in treatments against worms and malaria. Also, it is used to counter the flu, for its aperitif, tonic, antispasmodic effect and for its antibacterial capacity. It is possible to use it both internally and externally. Infusing the flowering tops and leaves specifically helps with functional bleeding from the uterus. Sometimes this herb is even used for asthma and infertility.

It is not only healthy, but works well as a natural and versatile insecticide. Indeed, we make a spray with the infusion or we simply use the plant as is to repel insects.

What Does Mugwort Taste Like?

This plant is commonly cultivated in Japan, in the vegetable garden as an everyday fine herb. In fact, it is a popular herb in Mochi rice balls to add flavour and colour. You can eat its leaves raw or cooked. In addition, mugwort is also used as a substitute for tea, being very aromatic and a little bitter. In gastronomy, this plant is mainly used when the food contains fat in it. Moreover, It can be infused in various broths and stews. To summarize, it goes well with a wide range of aromas! Finally, it was once used for flavouring beer and to kill bacteria harmful to human consumption. And this was long before hops became popular.

* Do not consume if you are pregnant


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