Hawthorn is a popular herb around the world, especially in Asia. It has often been used as a tea substitute. There are dozens of varieties, some of which grow in Quebec. Considered “the plant of the heart”, it is attributed to many properties like prevention of chest pain and angina, dilation of blood vessels and increased circulation. It is also a heart tonic, helping to decrease high blood pressure and tissue inflammation.

What does hawthorn leaves taste like?

It has earthy, slightly sweet and very sweet aromas. You can feel a little dryness at the end of tasting, that’s why we sometimes use it in the description of the type of wine when we discern the flavours. Young shoots collected fresh can be added to salads and bring a hint of nutty flavour. It is also possible to eat its fruits in jam or in traditional pies from action to thanks. It is one of the basic ingredients in our Hawthorn & Lavender infusion.



Site: https://pfaf.org

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