Herbal Tea Brewer




Here is a reusable stainless steel brewer. This type of metal alloy is a durable and recyclable material that will not rust over time. You can simply rinse with soapy water, wash and reuse it for few years.

Why this shape of brewer?

In fact, “tea ball” type brewer is sometimes difficult to fill, the mixture falls off, it makes a mess and it is time consuming. Furthermore, the holes of this kind of mesh are often big enough to let pass some blend into the water. This one is designed to have a wide opening mouth of 6 cm in diameter and tiny holes. It does not need to be closed to prevent the product from falling apart.

However, some models have only a few holes in the metal between the ingredients and the water. Indeed, we recommend that you verify your brewer has fine mesh that will promote flavour diffusion through more points of contact. As a result, the water can circulate better and macerate well. Now, the battle is won!

Gain more Autonomy

A brewer is a must to be able to make a personalized decoction yourself at home. And, without using pre-maid sachet you can adjust the amount of mixture that corresponds to your favourite taste. But you can also soak the herbal tea longer for a pronounced flavour. You can add more quantity than the example recommended or It is possible to put less mixture for those who prefer subtlety. As you wish!


For optimal taste, use either distilled water or source water rather than the local one that contains chlorine or chemical agents that changes the flavours of the beverage. For more information visit our blog : How to Infuse Labrador Tea?

Nothing easier to taste your PilKi infusions with ease!

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