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Whether you are a novice or already a lover of these forest products, PilKi’s complete kit is a recreational way to learn about unsung local products or to learn more about new flavours! Whether it is a gift for a loved one or just an opportunity to spoil yourself, you will come out seduced by this experiment of the forest. Exceptional flavours that stand out for their originality and created with quality ingredients, in addition to contributing to your health. This festive kit is available both in bulk biodegradable pouches. In addition, each of the 8 blends contains 12 portions, which corresponds to a total of 96 cups!

PilKi’s Complete Kit Includes 8 Blends :

Preparation for a cup :

Instruction PilKi


Apple & Queen of the Meadow : Organic apple, wild Labrador tea, organic hyssop, organic queen of the meadow, 8 spices.

Beet & Poppy : Organic red beetroot, wild Labrador tea, organic horsetail, ash, organic savory, poppy.

Rosehip & Highbush cranberry : Wild rosehips, highbush cranberry, wild Labrador tea, organic St. John’s wort, organic bay leaf, organic marjoram.

Aronia & Alder : Aronia, organic fenugreek, organic goldenrod, wild Labrador tea, wild green alder, organic rosemary.

Ground Labrador Tea : Wild Labrador tea picked by hand, respecting his environment.

Rose & Chamomile : Wild yarrow, organic milk thistle, wild Labrador tea, organic chamomile, organic rose petal, organic bay leaf.

Hawthorn & Lavender : Wild hawthorn, wild labrador tea, wild cedar, organic lavender, organic peppermint.

Sweetgale & Echinacea : Organic juniper, sweetgale, organic echinacea, wild mullein, wild labrador tea, organic sage.

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