Mullein, also known as common or great mullein, is a fluffy wild plant growing in Quebec, found in meadows. It is a very effective ingredient against bronchitis, laryngitis and tracheitis, often considered like “THE” herbal remedy for the respiratory system. Its action against coughs decreases mucus formation and helps drain mucus outward. It is taken as an infusion to counter chest pain, reduce inflammation and is antibacterial. Additionally, mullein leaves are used to treat long-lasting headaches as well as pressure felt in the ears. It is a remedy that can also be used externally to heal wounds and apply to ulcers. Furthermore, it was once used as an insulator, to make dye or even as a torch.

What Does Mullein Taste Like?

Its aromas are very light, herbal, a little sweet and at the same time slightly bitter. It may remind a little of chicory leaves. It must be well filtered during the infusion, because it contains small hairs that some may find a bit irritating or stinging.

To Be Smoked

It is possible to smoke mullein leaves, the first nations used it this way. You have to crush it well, then smoke it with a pipe or just like rolling tobacco.



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