Sweetgale & Echinacea



Indulge in a soothing experience with this Labrador Hawthorn & Lavender tea blend. The classic lavender infusion revisited and modernized with ingredients picked in the Quebec forest. This infusion is first woody, then embellished with a floral hint. In particular, we can clearly perceive the aromas of cedar conifers which bring a forest aspect by combining with mint and its peppery side. Hawthorn leaves give off herbal and slightly sweet notes that help balance the flavors. Then, the refinement of lavender embraces and unifies its flavors wonderfully. Besides being a digestive aid, it works as a relaxant and stress reliever which is very helpful. It’s simply enjoyable, unique, local and refreshing!

What does this herbal tea taste like?

This aromatic infusion is herbaceous, slightly bitter and peppery. It also has camphoric, hoppy and resinous notes, due to sage and juniper berries. Myric & Echinacea herbal tea is both refreshing in its hours and comforting when you need its help the most!

* This herbal tea should not be consumed by pregnant women, as there is a risk of abortion.

Preparation for a cup:

Instruction PilKi



Sans théine ni caféine, vous pouvez le siroter avant d’aller au lit la tête en paix. L'infusion favorise même le sommeil, elle vous aide à vous endormir en douceur..

Ingredients :

Organic Juniper, Sweet Gale, Organic Echinacea, Wild Mullein, Wild Labrador Tea, Organic Sage.

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