Highbush Cranberry




Highbush Cranberry is a small, tangy red berry that grows wild in Quebec. It is mainly used to reduce spasms such as cramps, spasms after childbirth or painful colic. It is also used for the treatment of asthma and nervous disorders. Fruit and leaves can be used to make an infusion.

What Does Highbush Cranberry Taste Like?

This unique fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, it was once used in jellies and canned to replace cranberries. We also made of it anchor or red dye. Its smell is special, but fortunately its aromas on the palate are not similar. This berry is tart, slightly sour, which is why it is mixed with other ingredients to balance the flavours. It mixes well with chicken or in sweet recipes like pies. It is a fruit much appreciated by the partridge, which feeds on it during the winter


Site: https://pfaf.org

Livre: Leaboeuf, Michel, Arbres et plantes forestières du Québec et des maritimes, Éditions Michel Quintin, 2007, 415p

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