Labrador Tea



Take a well-deserved break with our infusion of ground Labrador tea. This shrub has the same virtues as when its leaf is whole, but they are finely cut instead. Thereafter, because the plant is the ground format, it simplifies filling the brewer. So, it is ready to be used also for people who have smaller infusers. Indeed, some are slightly resembling the taste of jasmine. What is certain is that it has an unusual woody flavor, which tends to be located between wild mint and fir resin. It is a very demonstrative portrait of Quebec woods!

Preparation for a cup: 

Instruction PilKi


Without theine or caffeine, it even contributes to better sleep as well as the relaxation of the body.


Wild Labrador tea, harvested by hand in Quebec in a responsible way.

* Pour plus d’information sur le thé du Labrador appuyez ici !


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