Ground Labrador tea

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Have a break with our infusion of ground Labrador tea. This herb has the same benefits as when its leaf is whole, but it is in a reduced size. So, it is a ready to use format to accommodate people using smaller infusers.

Its taste

Indeed, some people reveal a resemblance to jasmine. What is sure, is that it has an unusual woody flavor, halfway between mint and fir resin. A very demonstrative portrait of Quebec woods!


It does not contain theine or caffeine. So, you can enjoy it before sleep, it even fights sleeping disorders.


Wild Labrador tea, harvested by hand in Quebec in a responsible way. That is to say, in conjunction with its natural cycle by rotating the picking areas.

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Additional information

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100% natural

Labrador tea handpicked and wild or organic ingredients


Completely handmade in Quebec

Pregnant women

Consumption is not recommended for pregnant women 6 months old or younger


Consumption is not recommended for children under 6 years

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