Labrador tea leaf (bulk)

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Stop for a moment with our whole Labrador tea leaf. This plant is known for countless virtues and is a prospect to watch closely in many studies in progress. It might cure even more diseases than imagined. It has antioxidants in abundance, against certain types of cancerous tumors, is antispasmodic, has impressive anti-inflammatory abilities, anti-diabetes type 2, relieves headaches, flu, etc.

Its taste

It has a woody flavor, subtle in his own kind, halfway between mint and fir resin. A detailed representation of the boreal forest in its wild state!


Without theine or caffeine, it fights against sleep disorders and brings a relaxing effect.


Wild Labrador tea, picked by hand in Quebec in keeping with its natural cycle of regeneration.

Preparation for a cup:

Infusion PilKi préparation






Additional information

Weight N/A
100% natural

Labrador tea handpicked and wild or organic ingredients


Completely handmade in Quebec

Pregnant women

Consumption is not recommended for pregnant women 6 months old or younger


Consumption is not recommended for children under 6 years

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