Rosehip & Highbush cranberry

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Taste the moment with this infusion of Labrador tea with rosehip and highbush cranberry. Furthermore, this mixture of red berries abounds of vitamin C (rosehip has 20 times more than orange!). Also, it acts as an astringent, antispasmodic, and as a nervous sedative or uterus. Likewise, St. John’s wort and marjoram are well known for their relaxing and anti-stress effects.

Its taste

Consequently, it has a velvety taste that balance between sweet and sour, much like cranberry. Curiously, we find these same components in India Pale Ale beer. People that are not fans of herbal tea usually surprise themselves loving it! This may be due to a reminder of citrus acidity and to its woody side? Anyway, it’s a portrait of the eccentric flavours from here!


Without theine or caffeine, you can sip it before going to bed without apprehension.


Wild rosehips, highbush cranberry, wild Labrador tea, organic St. John’s wort, organic bay leaf, organic marjoram.

Preparation for a cup : 

Infusion PilKi préparation

Aliments préparé au Québec


Additional information

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100% natural

Labrador tea handpicked and wild or organic ingredients


Completely handmade in Quebec

Pregnant women

Consumption is not recommended for pregnant women 6 months old or younger


Consumption is not recommended for children under 6 years

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