White Pine, Needle


Where to use white pine needles?

Rich in vitamins A and C, its needles can be infused into an aromatic and refreshing herbal tea. The infusion of white pine was used by the First Nations among other things to help fight the symptoms of the common cold. It is still found today in some commercial cough syrups to aid in the expulsion of phlegm.

What do white pine needles taste like?

The needles have a very subtle woody taste, they have been coarsely crushed to facilitate their handling in the infuser. The infusion is practically colorless, which may surprise many.

Its natural environment

With an average height of 30m and a life expectancy of up to 200 years, the white pine is the tallest conifer in eastern Canada. It is found in southern Quebec and Ontario, as well as in the Maritimes.

Ingrédient : White pine needle (Pinus strobus)


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Aiguille de pin blanc (Pinus strobus)

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