Aronia & Alder



Immerse yourself in the boreal forest with our herbal tea , the aronia & alder blend. This colourful mix contains black aronia berry grown in a plantation, one of the most powerful antioxydants, which helps to protect living cells and strengthens the immune system. A must for maintaining your body with a good general health.

And its Flavour?

When tasting it, you first feel a fir tree side, a bit of bitterness, then some sweet flowery herbs due to the wild goldenrod. Quebec green alder pepper is a popular forest spice used in fine cuisine, that adds depth to the meal and a conifer-typical softwood component. In addition, the organic fenugreek seed has a light maple flavour that balances the infusion with a touch of sweetness.

You can also use it to make funky cocktails or, if you feel cozy, a warm latte! Certainly, this blend that “tastes like Quebec” will transport you in your best memories of a walk in the forest.

Préparation for a Cup : 

Instruction PilKi



Without theine or caffeine, you can sip it before going to bed without any doubt. Take it around a warm fireplace to feel like at the cottage!


Aronia berry, organic fenugreek, organic goldenrod, wild Labrador tea, wild green alder, organic rosemary.


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