Sweet Fern (Leaves)




Coming from the boreal forest, the sweet fern is a plant that was used medicinally by several Native American tribes in North America. These tribes use this plant primarily as a poultice to treat a variety of ailments. In contrast, the sweet fern leaves are still used for most of the same purposes in modern herbalism.

What Does The Sweet Fern Leaves Taste Like?

We can use the aromatic leaves, fresh or dried to make a tea with a pleasant taste. The leaves are also used as a seasoning. As for their taste, it manifests a certain astringency. It has distinct aromatic notes, which can recall resin, thyme, honey, and eucalyptus. We can consume it in small doses as a herbal tea without any problem. It can also be used to enhance certain recipes and snacks.

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A cold water infusion of the leaves has been used externally to counter the effect of poison ivy. It is also used to wash bites, minor bleeding, etc. In the past, the natives used the sweet fern to treat flu-related symptoms and they also attributed anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties to it.



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