Tamarack (needle)


What is Tamarack?

The tamarack, also called larch, is the only conifer that sheds its needles in the fall in Quebec. Rich in vitamin C, its small flexible needles are very popular in herbal tea. In the past, young shoots were eaten as emergency food in the forest. Larch is used in several ways in alternative medicine. For example, as a food supplement, elixir, ointment, poultice, infusion, disinfectant, etc.  

What do tamarack needles taste like?

We detect a very sweet resinous taste, a little sweet and firery touch. Its aromas are similar to the typical "scent of wood" found upon entering a log cabin, the smell of freshly cut wood or the delicate emanation of quality furniture.

Its natural environment

It can be found all the way to the far north of Canada because it adapts very well to different types of terrain and soils, provided it is exposed to full sun. Under the right conditions, it can grow very quickly and reach mature age around the age of twenty! By comparison, spruce and fir mature only after about 60 years.

Ingrédient:  Tamarack needles (Larix laricina)


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Ingrédient: Aiguilles de mélèze (Larix laricina)

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