Apple & Meadowseet


Let yourself be carried away in a bit of madness with our Labrador tea infusion with apple & queen of the meadow. This unique blend with a homemade mix of 8 spices will surprise you and make you think outside the box. Its taste includes notes of ginger and is slightly spicy … But far from being hot!

It is a sumptuous mixture, which has nothing to do with the classic “chai tea” or “gingerbread”, but stands out for its mysterious aspect which knows how to tickle the curiosity of the taste buds. This herbal tea is a woody sweetness that brings both a comforting and refreshing effect. For its part, the queen of the meadow, also called meadowsweet, is a grass of the field which has an unparalleled taste, very difficult to compare, which is really worth discovering.

Preparation for a Cup : 

Instruction PilKi


Without theine or caffeine, you can offer it to your guests as a digestive to be enjoyed after the meal, relaxing and spending quality time with those whom you appreciate.


Organic apple, wild Labrador tea, organic hyssop, organic queen of the meadow, 8 spices.


Aliments du Québec Sans arômes ajoutés

Pomme biologique, thé du Labrador sauvage, hysope biologique, reine des prés biologique, 9 épices.

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Ingrédients cueillis à la main dans la forêt boréale

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Des ingrédients d'une incroyable qualité avec des saveurs uniques

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Customer Reviews

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Pomme & Reine des préx

J'adore ce breuvage chaud. Très agréable au goût et remplace a s'y méprendre a un thé.

Suzanne Bouchard

Excelent produit. bonne qualité et bon gout

Bonjour Suzanne, merci pour votre commentaire, nous sommes très heureux d'apprendre que vous appréciez le gout et la qualité de nos produits!

Paulette Bedard

Service impeccable 5 étoiles plus

Merci Paulette!